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Northern Plains Outfitter Project

One of the older clients that has been working with Derek, since 2008 Shannon and Northern Plains Outfitters has consulted with Derek on a wide array of services, even his landscaping.

Northern Plains Outfitters was ready for a complete overhaul. With a outdated website, older photography and lack of content it was time to make a change. We upgraded the outfitter website to a new WordPress platform that now enhances the user experience.

Services we provide for Northern Plains Oufitters …

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Management
  • PPC Ad Word Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Photography
  • Highlight Videography

Website Design

Having been in business for more than a decade, Shannon and Northern Plains Outfitters (NPO) has seen alot of changes when it comes to online marketing. Back in the day when there was very little competition, NPO was on top of the organic listings for South Dakota Pheasant hunting and business was great! However fast forward, things changed and so did his business. IT was time to make the change.

Our overall objective of this project in the fall of 2017 was to relaunch the NPO brand. For years NPO relied on referral business, but as we know things change. It was imperative that we move the website over fast and push the marketing in all directions to capture all that we can.  With this new interactive website we were sure that once clients landed on the website, they are sure to stay.  Since the relaunch of the website we saw a jump in traffic (doubled) and as well seen a decrease in bounce rate from 56% to now 16%.  This means clients are spending more quality time on the website.

A few new highlights that have enhanced the user experience on this outfitters website design are…

  • New wide screen format
  • Interactive hero photos with CTA’s (call to actions)
  • Reservation confirmation system
  • Paypal intergration
  • Interactive Google Mapping
  • Highlight video of the lodging
taking control of their

Website Management

Running an outfitter business can be time consuming.  So much that clients tend not to have any opportunity to focus on their online or digital marketing. NPO has trusted Weicks Media to handle all their marketing and website management needs.

On a monthly basis we provide NPO with updates to their website, run their PPC/Adword campaigns, as well we assist in sending out their newsletters throughout the year. By having Weicks Media focus on the marketing, Shannon now has time to focus on providing his clients with a great experience.

enhancing their

Digital Marketing

While a part of digital marketing is website, there is many other opportunities to capture clients digitally these days.  From social media to email marketing and strategically placed advertisements. Our goal is to inform new clients of the amazing hunting opportunities at NPO, as well re-engaging the past clientele to continue their patronage of NPO.  We conceptualize all newsletters and graphic advertisements throughout the year for NPO.

understanding your

Reporting & Analytics

Every month we coordinate with Shannon and NPO to discuss the goals and we are meeting those benchmarks. Through our customized reporting system for hunting guides and outfitters we are able to show NPO the growth the have achieved throughout the year.  While every month presents a new challenge, through our communication channels, NPO knows that if we need to focus on a new aspect, we are able to change direction.

product and lifestyle


Over the years and changes in technology NPO has seen the light of how through photography we can help drive more clients to his website.  Shannon has now focused on showcasing photography for his clients that evokes a reaction.  A lot of our focus of late has been on capturing the moment rather than the success.  By capturing the moment in still photography we start to tell the story to his clients about the experience that clients have when visiting NPO.

We look to the future projects with NPO.  More photography is in-store, but we also look to provide his clients with a highlight video of what all NPO has to offer!

Client: Northern Plains Outfitters

Industry: South Dakota Outfitter

Company Summary: Northern Plains Outfitters sets itself apart from others by offering services such as Gun Dog Training and Fishing trips. Explore South Dakota by hunting anything from Pheasants and White Tail Deer to Waterfowls. Take on your own adventure with Northern Plains Outfitters.

Other Services: Photography – Brochures – Business Cards – PPC/Adwords (Pay Per Click)

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